Sobers Kennel of Italy--fraudulent business practices--money paid--no puppy or refund!!

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Sobers Kennel, owned/operated by Bitte Ahrens and Pierluigi Primavera Of Italy, guilty of fraudulent business practices, scammers, will not deliver, Will not refund deposits, not to be trusted. Breeds, sells multiple breeds of dogs.


DO Not Buy from Sobers a show dog Kennel owned/operated by Bitte Ahrens and Pierluigi Primavera of Rome, Italy.

Our complaint with Sobers is well founded and documented.

In 2006, My wife and I purchased two show quality greyhound puppies from Bitte Ahrens and Pieri Primavera of Rome, Italy. One puppy matured as expected and we are pleased with him. The other greyhound, however, a dog named Sobers Jett, did not mature into a show quality animal and we were promised a replacement puppy by both Pieri and Bitte.

Over the years, we waited patiently for the puppy that was promised us. Many litters came and went, and we waited anxiously. Our puppy never came. When I called Bitte, she would say that many persons had been waiting longer than us for a puppy where due first, but our puppy would surely come out of the next litter.

After a run of puppies not being available from any litter spanning years of waiting, we grew weary of this, it was now half a decade later and no puppy. In Feb of 2012 we informed both Bitte and Pieri that we were tired of all of the excuses and we wanted our money back. Bitte and Pieri agreed to refund our money In

February of 2012. In the meantime, we had learned about persons who bought puppies at shows (no wait if you have cash in hand) and Bitte and Pieri would go on expensive trips to other countries showing their dogs and judging (Bitte is an FCI judge) and yet not have the money to pay their creditors.

Communication has been at best, spotty and clearly Bitte is

avoiding us for emails had come only from Pieri. Pieri has a long history

with us of promises for payment that never came. Phone calls were never returned.

Now, here it is, six years later, we are still waiting for full refund of our money that we entrusted in good faith to Bitte Ahrens and Pier Primavera. We were due a refund of $1900--that was the purchase price of the puppy and the cost of shipping the dog was another $1000 which of course, was not their problem, and only after many many requests and broken promises by Pieri, we have only recently received a partial payment of $615.22 in December 2012.

We have purchased show greyhounds from Bitte Ahrens in the past and experienced no difficulty. The dogs where as represented and shipped in a timely manner.

We advise persons looking to buy show greyhounds to look elsewhere as Bitte and Pieri are not to be trusted. They are all too eager to take your money but do not deliver. As evidenced by all the broken promises of a replacement puppy and then non-payment of our refund, they are clearly

not people of their word. They have taken money that we sent them in good

faith and failed to deliver. We have heard from multiple sources in the US and Europe that our experience is not an isolated event, that other people have been similarly victimized.

And pity if they owe you money, good luck on getting it back, we haven't.

The link to their web page is : so you know who to


Buyer beware!

Review about: Greyhound Puppy.


Grand Junction, Colorado, United States #774316

To all would be customers of Sobers

An update and resolution has finally transpired with Sobers Kennel.On Jan

14, 2014, in a final attempt to collect the money that has been owed us for

almost a decade, we sent the following email to :

*************************** Sender: "Kim Fritzler" Subject: Charges pending.

Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 13:39:05 -0700 To: "Sobers-Bitte Ahrens Primavera & Pierluigi Primavera" Dear Bitte and Pierluigi, Several months have come and gone without you people paying the money you owe us. We are now compelled to take further action. We will be filing charges with the GCA and of course, all proceedings of this nature are published in the Newsletter. We will also will be advising the kennel clubs in your area of your fraudulent business practices.

Furthermore, our experience with you will be submitted to high profile consumer complaint forums such as It seems that we are not alone in being victimized by you. The copy below is one of several notices we have received from other people that reflect your unethical business dealings. We felt it only fair to advise you of our intentions and give you one last opportunity to refund the monies we gave you over EIGHT years ago in good faith.

Regards, Colin R and Kimberly A Fritzler Windrock LLC (Note: This was the most recent communication from yet another party victimized by Sobers Kennel-Bitte Ahrens Primavera & Pierluigi Primavera) We have received many such messages: "S-wood" has sent you a message on I have had the same thing i wanted a whippet from one of her litters was a really nice whippet i paid up front for the whippet as i was collecting him at crufts as i was going then they told me his testicle never dropped with till this day i dont think it was true!! Then i said il have my money back they said ok 3 months later i asked again and she said Pieri would do it but he is away on business so he do it when he got back then she said that they spent my money and they didnt have it to give back to me il have to wait my husband was getting really cross so i emailed her to as what greyhounds she breed and when she said not till 2013 but she has this whippet here aka sobers palladian from sobers ingrid spoke to the husband and he said take him as i dont think you get your money back. Me and my husband drove to italy! to pick him up 11 hr drive for us as live in the uk and when we meet up with pieri he wanted another 400 euro for him as he travelled 4 hrs to meet us and i havent giving him the money when we got axel he was skinny no stength behind he had a big puncher wound on his shoulder i was not happy with this a dear friend of mine saw him the next day as she was shocked by the stat of him as she has a sobers dog from her and she was in great nick hope this help and you not the only one who has had this problem.

************************ Only after our email of Jan 14, 2014, advising these people of our intent to file complaint with the various kennel clubs, including the Greyhound Club of America, did we yesterday (Jan 15, 2014) receive a international money gram from Sobers in the amount of 1232.60. This amount does not satisfy the entire amount we spent to acquire this dog--we are still out the cost of transportation and the investment of several months care. Nonetheless, we are accepting of this payment and consider the matter closed. At long last, more than 8 years after we entrusted these people with our money and confidence, has the matter has finally been resolved.

There are many good breeders of dogs.However, owing to our experience with Sobers-Bitte Ahrens Primavera & Pierluigi Primavera, we would strongly advise the consumer to look elsewhere.

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